Congratulations to Julie A. DiCarlo, MS for earning the Stroke Rehabilitation Award at the 2022 International Stroke Conference!

The Stroke Rehabilitation Award encourages investigators to undertake or continue research and/or clinical work in the field of stroke rehabilitation. Julie’s award-winning project, entitled “Patient-reported And Performance-based Outcomes Separate Independently and Are Associated with Distinct Patterns of Neuroanatomical Injury After Stroke,” will be presented on February 9 at the International Stroke Conference. Find out more about this incredible research effort here.

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Dr. David Fischer’s paper, “Disorders of Consciousness Associated with COVID-19: A Prospective, Multimodal Study of Recovery and Brain Connectivity” is featured on the cover of Neurology!

Check out the cover here, and watch the interview Dr. Fischer did for Neurology Live here. This cover and interview will draw much-needed attention to COVD-DoC, a common but underappreciated problem that is affecting people in ICUs worldwide. Congratulations Dr. Fischer and co-authors!

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Researchers boost human mental function with brain stimulation

CNTR's Dr. Sydney Cash and Dr. Darin Dougherty have been working with collaborators to pioneer an approach that could treat severe depression and anxiety. Read about their exciting developments in Science Daily, and check out their publication in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

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CNTR’s research nurse Rose Marujo is hard at work on the COVID-19 front lines!

"With the support of the entire CNTR team, I have been able to step in at a time of need and become part of the COVID clinical response team. I have been providing care for people who have needed a place to self-isolate safely, at the Quality Inn in Revere. It’s been nerve-wracking, not knowing [...]

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Congrats to Dan Rubin, MD, PhD on new publication!

Congrats to Dan Rubin, MD, PhD and MGH ICU Precision Medicine Lab on their Brain: A Journal of Neurology publication, "Electrographic predictors of successful weaning from anaesthetics in refractory status epilepticus"

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Check out our perspective article in Frontiers in Neurology!

Congratulations to Jessica Ranford (left), Neurologic Clinical Specialist in the Department of Occupational Therapy and her team together with Alison Cloutier (right) and David Lin, MD (center), from the Center of Neurotechnology and Neurorecovery, for their publication in Frontiers in Neurology, "Interdisciplinary Stroke Recovery Research: The Perspective of Occupational Therapists in Acute Care" highlighting the [...]

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Teresa Kimberley’s research featured on WCVB

Congratulations to Teresa Kimberley for being featured on WCVB's NewsCenter5, which covered her research on how vagus nerve stimulation can help stroke patients recover the use of their hands.

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Congratulations to Dr. David Lin!

Congratulations to Dr. David Lin for presenting a winning pitch at Stroke Tank. The winnings will provide funding to start to scale our MGH SMaHRT (Stroke Motor reHabilitation and Recovery sTudy) to the hospitals in the NECC network.

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