Check out our perspective article in Frontiers in Neurology!

Congratulations to Jessica Ranford (left), Neurologic Clinical Specialist in the Department of Occupational Therapy and her team together with Alison Cloutier (right) and David Lin, MD (center), from the Center of Neurotechnology and Neurorecovery, for their publication in Frontiers in Neurology, "Interdisciplinary Stroke Recovery Research: The Perspective of Occupational Therapists in Acute Care" highlighting the [...]

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Teresa Kimberley’s research featured on WCVB

Congratulations to Teresa Kimberley for being featured on WCVB's NewsCenter5, which covered her research on how vagus nerve stimulation can help stroke patients recover the use of their hands.

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Congratulations to Dr. David Lin!

Congratulations to Dr. David Lin for presenting a winning pitch at Stroke Tank. The winnings will provide funding to start to scale our MGH SMaHRT (Stroke Motor reHabilitation and Recovery sTudy) to the hospitals in the NECC network.

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Congratulations to Galina Gheihman!

Congratulations to Galina Gheihman for being selected as a recipient for the Beryl Institute Patient Experience Scholar Program, which supports Professional Doctoral Students as they conduct research associated with the patient experience.

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Congratulations to David Lin, MD, Tracey Cho, MD, and Merit Cudkowicz, MD, MSc!!

Congratulations to David Lin, MD, Tracey Cho, MD, and Merit Cudkowicz, MD, MSc, for their opinion piece published in Neurology titled, "Challenges and opportunities in defining career identity in academic neurology".

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Congratulations to Syd Cash, MD!!

Congratulations to Syd Cash, MD, Co-Director, Center for Neurotechnology and Neurorecovery - he has been selected as the recipient for the 2018 Seidman Prize for MD Research Mentorship, recognizing outstanding faculty who go above and beyond to nurture HST MD students in their scientific and personal growth. Congratulations!!

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Congratulations to Brian Edlow, MD!!

Congratulations to Brian Edlow, MD, Associate Director of our Center for Neurotechnology and Neurorecovery – his paper, “Early Detection of Consciousness in Patients with Acute Severe TBI,” was named one of the “Best of 2017” by Brain - A Journal of Neurology.

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On behalf of both the Center for Neurotechnology and Neurorecovery in the MGH Department of Neurology, and the SRH Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we are pleased to announce the July 2017 launch of the Partners Neurorecovery Fellowship.

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Join Us!!!

The CNTR is looking to hire an Instructor/Assistant/Associate Professor of Neurology.  Please check out our Join Us page for more information!

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